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Thalita Pascual is a certified personal trainer and specialist in fitness nutrition. She has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and has helped people from all different walks of life to achieve the body and physical health they dream of. 


With a background in bodybuilding, Thalita become an expert in sculpting and transforming physiques including her own. Diet and eating habits are also an important part of her method, she will personalize a meal plan according to a client's body type and goals as she does not believe every body type is created equal nor should their eating habits and workout routines.


Thalita has a very unique way of training because she incorporates different exercises from various sport modalities making each class or private session dynamic. 


Her message is all about becoming your own inspiration by turning your weaknesses into your strengths. Getting to know your body and most importantly yourself!




  • ISSA - personal trainer certification

  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

  • 100hr Yoga TT

  • Fit for Birth - pre-natal certification


" I wanted to share my story as I don’t often do and know so many women out there who have been self conscious at one time in their life or another. 

When I was young I used to be super thin. Like so thin my friends in school had all different names one being Olive Oil from Popeye. Growing up in Brazil where everyone has a butt and is curvaceous this was not a complement


Coming from divorced parents I had to grow up fast and being the older sister I took on a lot of responsibilities. That and my A type personality made me independent but most of all I wanted to feel strong and that meant physically for me. Over the years it taught me while getting strong I was also building walls. I have soften a bunch and still am working on becoming more open while feeling strong not only in my body but also in my heart  We all have a body story and why we do the things we do when it comes to our food choices and our exercises or lack there of. I created IN TUNE as a guide to see what works for you and listen to your body. For years I had people ask me what my diet is like and what my workout routine is but there are so many factors and one should never mimic someone else’s routine because we are all different and therefore get different results


The most important thing is to connect with yourself and your body. If you are curious about what IN Tune program I created check it out here."


-Thalita Pascual